Turmeric Powder (Haldi) 200G

Turmeric Powder (Haldi)
Origin: India 
Taste and Aroma: mild 
Ingredients: Turmeric Fingers

Weight: 200G, 400G, 2lb, Custom Packaging

Uses: Authentic Indian Cuisine, hot sauce, dips, french fries, beans, vegetables, salsa, stew, BBQ sauce, nuts and steak. 

This latest range of Spices especially developed for ethnic, mainstream & Asian American Supermarkets.

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Product Description

Spices and herbs are in abundant use in Indian cooking. Take a look at the spices listed below and you’ll just be scratching the surface of Indian flavors. And because authentic flavor is essential, we distribute whole, ground, and blended spices for use in Indian cooking and other Asian cuisines. We bring you these quality ingredients from the ground up. With our spices our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality. We define quality by nutritional value, safety, freshness, appearance and of course taste!

DELICIOUS TO USE IN: • Curries • Roasted Vegetables • Masalas • Tacos • Basmati Rice • Spicy Lamb Burgers • Chili • Soups and Stews • Chicken Curry • Scrambled Eggs • Top on Popcorn • Baked Potatoes • Masala • Curries • Juices and Tonics • Beauty Masks • Saffron rice • Paella • Roasted Vegetables • Methi Chicken • Paratha • Pakoras • Roasted Vegetables ….. & more!!

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