Subz-e-Biryani (Mixed Vegetable Basmati Rice)

A delicious and classic North Indian recipe of Basmati Rice and Mixed Vegetables, infused with a fragrant mix of aromatic spices.

  • No preservatives or additives.
  • Microwavable pouches.
  • Serves 1-2 people.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Halal Certified products.
  • Produced in a BRC, ISO 22000:2005.
  • Shelf stacking inner cartons hold 12 pouches.
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Product Description

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Cooked Basmati Rice (64%), Carrot (6%), Green Beans (6%), Potato (6%), Onion (4%), Green Peas (3%), Refined Sunflower Oil (2%), Tomato Paste (2%), Salt, Yoghurt, Garlic, Ginger, Green Coriander, Green Chili Paste, Mint, Cumin, Rose water, Pandanus Flower (Kewra) Water, Red Chili, Mixed Spice (Garam Masala), Fennel Powder, Cloves, Green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf.

Allergy Advice:
Contains Milk. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, wheat, soy products & sulphites.

Microwave Cooking:
1. Tear/cut a 2cm opening at the top of the pouch.
2. Microwave on high power for 2 minutes.
3. Leave to stand for 30 seconds.
4. Open with care & serve hot.

Stove Cooking:
1. Submerge the sealed pouch in boiling water.
2. Boil for 3-5 minutes.
3. Carefully remove from the water.
4. Leave to stand for 30 seconds.
5. Open with care & serve hot.

Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, use entire contents. Do not consume if the pouch is leaking, damaged or bloated. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Please Note:
Microwave ovens vary; adjust cooking times accordingly.
650/B – 2 Min
850/E – 1 ½ Min

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